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Running Low on Toilet Paper Might Be Ruining Your Romances

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Running Low on Toilet Paper Might Be Ruining Your Romances

15% of people have broken up with someone after seeing their home for the first time. Yikes.

In this fickle world of online dating when the next person is just one right swipe away, increasingly we are becoming more judgemental, ghosting potential love interests for the tiniest of reasons. Overuse of emojis? Bye, Brad! Not keen on the side-parted hair? See ya later Seth! Once you've moved into the world of steady dating, you may start to relax a little but, according to a new survey, you’re not out of the woods until your prospective partner visits your home… or until you cast your eyes upon theirs!

The survey, that looked into the attitudes of Americans towards their homes (and those of others) was conducted by Dr. Lindsay Graham of the UC Berkeley Center For The Built Environment, and revealed that 15% of Americans have broken up with someone after seeing their home for the first time! Perhaps they didn’t find the lighting so flattering?

During March 2016, users (from 22 states) of the on-demand home-services app Handy were posed questions about whether someone’s home could indicate if they were compatible romantically, as well as looking at the ways people may present their home differently to new people so as to impress them (or limit negative judgments).

Some of the most shocking things the survey revealed were:  

  • An absence of toilet paper is considered the most passion-killing factor for women in the US: 47% stating it was the worst thing to note in a potential partner’s house
  • 48% of men said they were most put off by homes with general mess
  • How many people are actually breaking up over their partner's home? 15% of people surveyed, and 42% of 51-55 year olds.
  • 34% of Americans have hidden pictures of ex-lovers in advance of the arrival of new mates (and 45% hide prescription medicines from visitors)
  • To impress visitors, 63% of Americans admit to having put out works of art before guests arrive, 60% strategically place impressive books, and 34% display expensive alcohol
  • New Yorkers care the most about making a first impression with their home (75%), while Washington residents care the least (51%)
  • 78% of people said they form opinions of others based on their homes, and 84% of 18-30 year olds agreed

If you're single, it seems like it may pay off to tidy up a little bit more. What do you think of the survey's findings? Is a messy home a deal-breaker for you?

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