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The Three Flirting Moves That Never Fail

by Tracey Porpora

The Three Flirting Moves That Never Fail

If flirting always feels a little silly — or scary — try our guaranteed-to-work tips and you won’t have any trouble striking up a conversation with that hot stranger.


Flirty or Skittish?


Are you the type of person who sees an attractive man in an elevator, but, when he gazes in your direction, suddenly finds great interest in counting the rug fibers in the floor? Or maybe you’re more likely to make a spectacle of yourself — like Rachel on Friends, who dressed up in her high school cheerleading uniform and recited a cheer in an effort to get a guy’s attention. If so, you need to take note of the three best flirting moves — these never fail:


1. Flash Your Best Asset — a Smile. Whether you meet him in a bar or the supermarket, a good old-fashioned smile is one of the best ways to get the attention of that handsome stranger. “Smiling is one of the best ways to flirt and one of the easiest things to do to attract a man,” says Michael Christian, author of The Art of Kissing. “If you smile at a guy and he smiles back, you’ve communicated.”


It’s important, however, to make sure your smile is directed at the intended subject. (You don’t want the creepy guy sitting at the bar to think you’re flirting with him!) “When you smile, look straight into his eye. This shows that you’re communicating directly with him,” says Christian. And once he has smiled back, he’s opened the door for you to initiate small talk. “If you’re in a record store you can say, ‘Isn’t this a good band they’re playing on the sound system?’ and there you go, you’re talking about something you have in common.”


2. Be that “Funny Girl.” A little sense of humor can go a long way when it comes to flirting. “Men love women who are confident enough to make lighthearted remarks,” says Christian. “You don’t have to be another Carol Burnett; any little funny line will do the trick, and help get the sparks flying.” Funny simply can be a witty one-liner to a stranger at a party, or it might be telling a really good — non-corny, non-racy — joke to a colleague while waiting to use the fax machine. “You also could make little ‘in’ jokes about the boss or others in the office,” he says.


After you elicit a chuckle from this potential suitor, follow up with some serious small talk. “Humor is one of the greatest ice-breakers. It allows you to get your foot in the door, so then you can talk about whatever else is topical or relevant,” says Christian. “If you meet a man in an elevator and make a joke about it taking too long to get to your desired floor, you can follow up with, ‘How do you like living on the 23rd floor?'”


3. Tempt Him With a Tease. Men love to be challenged, and teasing is a great way to do it. A tease can be anything from asking a man in a nightclub where he learned his “unique” dance moves, to a sarcastic remark to a cute coworker about his “interesting” tie adorned with Disney characters. “If the guy is good-looking, everyone is probably always complimenting him,” says Christian. “Throw him down a notch, and this will often pique his interest. A tease is out of the ordinary, can be a little exciting and shows that you’re playful.”


While Christian suggests that teasing a guy will pique his curiosity, he warns that you shouldn’t be overly critical or sarcastic. You also need to realize he may tease you back, so don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. “The nature of teasing is to…cause a little consternation and/or excitement,” he says. A well-timed tease can then start a playful repartee between you two.


Get the attention of that special guy in your life by perfecting your flirting technique.


How to flirt without looking like a fool: