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Top 7 Mobile Dating Apps for Finding Love Online

by Rebecca Boneschans

Top 7 Mobile Dating Apps for Finding Love Online

I found love on a mobile app. Not really, but it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Well, that’s eventually the goal of a dating app. When you’re on the hunt for love, you don’t have to look any further than that sensitive touch screen you hold so dearly. That’s right, all my single ladies. If you’re done with the days of dismissing fools at the bar and ditching blind dates set up by friends, then check out these top-rated, most-often-downloaded mobile dating apps and arrange your own meet-and-greet.



Each of these get-to-know-me smartphone apps allows you to control who you want to see and where you want to see them. Many of them use geo-location services to let you know who’s in the area and if you can meet up. This feature is often used for the more casual dater, but don’t let that steer you away. Dating apps provide users with more than just dating, they’re also about making connections with people whose interests are similar to yours—which could lead to a lifelong kind of love. Or, they could just be a meaningful overnight relationship. Whatever floats your boat.






Skout offers up chances to meet and mingle with people your own age. They have two age group categories—teens and adults. The idea behind this app is to meet people in your area, have a good time, and give people the opportunity to get to know each other before meeting up. You can accept or decline the invitation to connect, so it’s up to you whether you meet someone IRL or not. Straight from their homepage, Skout is all about living it up. “Life is short, you are busy and people are having fun without you right now. So start Skouting and find your party, anytime, anywhere.” But don’t take that to mean you can do and say whatever you want. They have zero tolerance for bad behavior.






Members of Badoo can link their accounts through other social media sites such as Facebook. This is a widely used app with more than 186 million users worldwide, according to the constantly updating member count on their login page. This dating app lets members chat, browse, and upload videos and photos for their potential mate’s viewing pleasure. Even though it’s worldwide, it tailors your dating pool to your current location. So, the next time you find yourself alone on that business trip to Germany, log in and make friends.






This is another social network-friendly site. Zoosk makes finding singles easy by linking to personal accounts where singles can chat it up. With the app available in 25 languages and 70 countries, your dating pool is plentiful. Based on similar interests via your social network, you can chat, message, and browse profiles and images online. Location-based and using a “Behavioral Matchmaking” engine, Zoosk refines your dating potentials based on your feedback and behavior.






This dating app lets you find a quick date near you by broadcasting your whereabouts and plans for the night. OkCupid‘s Twitter-like broadcast is sent to people with similar interests. Based off the mathematical calculation of four Harvard grad studs, your “true match” is configured using a series of questions, how you answer each question, how you would like your potentials to answer said question, and how important that answer is to you. Depending on your commitment to honesty, your potential matches will follow suit.






Whether you want to add to your professional network, meet new people in new cities, or really find true love, MeetMe offers a service similar to Facebook. But it goes even further with its location-based alerts letting you know where potential meet-ups are and whether or not you’d like to connect with them. You can browse profiles, tell people what you’re up to, and even check out people anonymously. While this is considered one of the top apps to meet people in the United States, it’s open to all age ranges, so search carefully.






Take charge of your dates by joining HowAboutWe. It’s a status-like forum that poses the real-life question of what to do on a date. But this isn’t just for singles, it also caters to couples looking for great date ideas. You start by posting a date idea or viewing other date ideas and if you’re “intrigued,” you can meet up. The free app lets you browse profiles and date ideas from people in your area, but an upgraded account lets you send unlimited messages and see who’s been checking you out.






A site that lets you meet up with people it thinks you should know via Facebook’s mutual friends feature, Tinder requires a Facebook account to prevent fake profiles. Tinder values privacy unlike a few other dating apps: You can only contact each other if you’ve “liked” each other’s profiles. So, if you’re not interested in someone who’s interested in you, they can’t see personal information. This is especially a note of interest to women who fear rejection or the creepers who just don’t seem to get it.