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Turns Out Being A Progressive Woman On OKCupid Is Super Attractive

by Maggie Dickman

Turns Out Being A Progressive Woman On OKCupid Is Super Attractive

Care about equality and education? How about separation of church and state and openness regarding sexuality? If you answered yes and are looking for a relationship, OKCupid might just be the place for you to find the love of your life.



If you’re a fan of equal rights, access to literature, and being open about sexuality, OKCupid might be the online dating destination that’s right for you.



That’s right. Dating site OKCupid has shared some seriously amazing data: Those women who find success on the site were likely to have progressive viewpoints, known according to their seriously badass responses to their Match Questions.



Their data? Looking into people who deactivated their profiles after meeting someone via OKCupid.



“It’s never been more important to be outspoken, open-minded and socially active,” the OKCupid blog says. “As it turns out, embracing these qualities also helps your dating life, and ultimately your chances of finding someone special. Substance, smarts — and more importantly, strength — have never been sexier.”






Take, for example, one of the most stellar statistics: Supporters of same-sex marriage are 85 percent more likely to find success on OKCupid.



And women finding love are just as caring about supporting their neighbors, too. Women who answer “Yes” to the question, “Do you feel obligated to help your fellow human beings?” are 72 percent more likely to meet a partner and sustain a relationship, a powerful statement in relation to the state of our nation today.



Other inspiring statistics?



Women who believe that the public should have access to all and any literature—regardless of its content—and those ladies that find education an important factor in attraction also rank high on the success charts. And let’s not forget the importance of the separation of church and state and openness in talking about sexuality and masturbation.



Basically, if you want to find a woman on OKCupid, make sure your grammar is cleaned up. And you care about people.






At the end of the day, though, this just goes to show that being a badass, open-minded woman is seriously attractive—as it always should be.