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Urban Outfitters Has Vibrators That Will Put a Smile on Your Face (For Another Reason Than That)

by Daniela Galvez

Urban Outfitters Has Vibrators That Will Put a Smile on Your Face (For Another Reason Than That)
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Looks like Urban Outfitters will soon be your one-stop shop for unique vibrators.


Emojis have become the new language of love. From vegetables that represent a man’s package to butt-like fruits, there is something incredibly naughty about trying to break down a sexually explicit message that uses characters. Thanks to their huge popularity, it’s not surprising Emojibrator has taken these suggestive emojis and turned them into pleasure devices.


The sex toy brand, which is currently sold online at Urban Outfitters, is bringing emojis to life with a line of vibrators inspired by everyone’s favorite way of texting. From a shark vibrator that targets internal and external erogenous zones to a chicken toy that helps you reach climax every single time, these vibrators are totally worth the buzz.




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As if they weren’t cute enough, each toe-curling vibrator comes with different settings designed to heighten pleasure. According to the site, the vibrators “deliver countless health benefits while empowering women with de-li-cious orgasms.” One Urban Outfitter shopper called it “my favorite toy I own,” while another satisfied shopper praised its discreet look, “It does it’s job and blends in with other weird decor.”


Relax, lie back, and let pleasure take over! From eggplants to sharks, scroll down to see all the emoji-shaped vibrators available in the sex toy line.



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Rubber chickie, you're the one; you make bath time lots of fun! Take this suctioning chick out for a swim whenever you want to amp your pleasure externally. With eight vibrations and eight suction settings, this adorable palm-size vibrator packs in quite a bit of power for your clit. Trust us, this vibrator will soon be a favorite for meat lovers and vegetarians alike.

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While people are still torn between what came first — the chicken or the egg — it’s safe to say we can all agree the eggplant emoji was the sexting emoji pioneer. To celebrate the sexually suggestive vegetable everyone loves, Emojibator created an eggplant-shaped vibrator that enhances sexual pleasure. Yes, this eggplant is amazing on its own, but we recommend drizzling some water-based lube to get the slickness you may want.  

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Looking for a vibrator that will stimulates both your g-spot and clitoris? Like rabbit vibrators, this shark has a pair of fins that are designed to stimulate external and internal pleasure zones. The vibrator is waterproof, which means you’ll be able to take this underwater beast out for a dip during bath time. What are you waiting for?! Dive into your wildest sexual fantasies.

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Add excitement into the bedroom with this banana vibrator that, we like to think, received Gwen Stefani's seal of approval. The sex toy can be customized to go as fast or as slow as you want depending on your mood, thanks to its several speed settings. While you’ll still need to eat a real banana to get all the nutrients to support a healthy diet, this vibrator can boost your health as well. After all, masturbation and sex can lower the risk of heart disease and reduce stress.

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Get ready to turn up the heat in the bedroom and spice up your sex life with this chili pepper-inspired vibrator. The 10 different settings send a hot jolt of pleasure that'll have you clenching onto your bedroom sheets. Whether you're looking for a sex toy to incorporate into your adult board games or simply need a serving of Vitamin D, this naughty vibrator is worth checking out.