Loving Every Minute!

by admin

Loving Every Minute!

Hello everyone. My name is Samyantha and I’m eleven weeks pregnant!!! I am loving this new feeling I have about my body and what’s going on inside of my belly. I have been doing so much “research” if you can call it that on everything you could ever imagine about babies and pregnancy and I keep finding that somehow I instinctively know all these facts and myths that I never knew I knew! This will be my first child (if you haven’t already figured that one out … LOL) and I’m so excited but at the same time I’m nervous.

Have you ever had that feeling like right before something painful is about to happen such as a shot or piercing where you just wish the pain would hurry up and get there so you don’t have to feel it anymore? Well that’s kind of what my nerves are saying!!!! But at the same time I am loving these months where me and my fiancé can still have OUR time and enjoy each other a little bit more before the baby! I am totally psyched but the waiting is funny … I find myself wishing my little bundle of joy was already here so I could play with her or cuddle …

So much waiting! But so worth it!!

Thank you all for reading. I love your stories, and I enjoy the feeling of enlightenment when I read them.