Lowering My Standards One Toy Dog Poo at a Time

by admin

Lowering My Standards One Toy Dog Poo at a Time

I’m definitely no toy snob. If you look around our house you’ll find your various and sundry plastic toys: Polly Pocket and her microscopic stilettos, enough My Little Ponies to start a stampede, and your usual dollar store treasures, and Happy Meal loot. We do have some nice wooden toys, but our toy collection will never be approved for a Montessori playroom.

My six-year-old, Miss C, did some pet sitting for our neighbor recently and was paid with a Wal-Mart gift card. Just before school started back, in a post-holiday eggnog overdose induced fog of boredom and bad judgment, I told Miss C we’d head over to Wal-Mart with an exchange I needed to make and she could bring along her gift card and scope out the toys.

I guess I’ve never been brave, or stupid, enough to venture into Wal-Mart’s toy department a few weeks after Christmas, but entire sections of the shelves were nearly bare and not much was on sale. As we say in the South, the pickins were slim.

We circled back to the Barbie aisle and we spotted a Barbie and Tanner play set, otherwise known as Barbie and the dog who poops tiny brown pellets that unfortunately look just like Tic Tacs. Miss C loves her new Barbie and the pooping dog. It was toy karma, really. I mean she had just earned some spending money for pet sitting, and here was this poop scoopin‘ Barbie.

Now if I can only teach our dogs to poop in little perfect cylindrical turds, just like Tanner. That would be a cool trick.