Luke’s Special Mom and Dad

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Luke’s Special Mom and Dad

It was a lovely day in Heaven and Luke was waiting anxiously because he knew that today was the day he would make his appearance on Earth. He would be born! How excited he was. He couldn’t wait to meet his new family. Maybe he’d have a big brother or sister.

Just before he was to go to Earth, God called him to His side. “Luke”, he said. “I’m giving you a very important job. You will go to a very special family that does not have any children.”

“But I want brothers and sisters to play with!” demanded Luke.

God lifted Luke and put him on His knee and whispered in his ear, “I hear your new mom and dad love to play, and you know what? They have two dogs to play with too! Your mom and dad have been waiting many years for a child and I specifically picked you because you are just the right little boy for them. I know you have lots of hugs and kisses just waiting to be shared. Here, let me give you a sneak peak.”

God took Luke to the edge of the clouds and let him look down from Heaven to Earth. “See how excited they look! I don’t think they can smile any bigger than that.”

“Which ones are they? There are so many people in that room. Is that one lady sick because she’s lying down on a bed?”

God put his arm around Luke and said, “No, the lady in the bed is your birth mother. She is the person that will help you to be born; but the other lady and the tall man beside her, those will be your parents. Those are the special people I was telling you about.”

“But how come the lady on the bed won’t be my mother?” asked Luke.

“She would like very much to be your mother,” God said. “But just can’t. She’s had a very hard life so far with many struggles. In fact, she’ll be coming home to Heaven soon to rest and if she’s in Heaven she won’t be able to care for you. Those two other people down there will be adopting you. That means that although your new mommy didn’t carry you in her tummy, she and your new daddy picked you out of many, many boys and girls waiting to be adopted because they want you . . . YOU,” God said putting His loving hand under Luke’s chin, “to be part of their family to make it complete.”

“Wow,” whispered Luke. “I must be really special. They must love me a lot.”

“They do, and they haven’t even met you yet,” said God. “They’re waiting for you.” God smiled and nodded toward the scene below. “Are you ready?”

“Yep,” Luke said as he started to leave. Turning, he ran back to God for one last hug and whispered, “Will you take real good care of my birth mom when she gets here? I’d like to meet her some day.”

God replied, “You bet I will. I’ll give her a big hug and kiss from you.”

Luke took off running, waving goodbye as he yelled, “See ya later alligator.”

And God replied with a laugh, “After awhile, crocodile.”