Magical Clothes

by admin

Magical Clothes

My second son is hilarious. No matter how hard I try to be miffed at him, I end up laughing! He just has that certain “je ne sais quoi.” He is very much like his father in so many ways. Maybe that is why I find it hard to stay angry with him. I can never stay angry with hubby very long either.

He is like his father in the way he leaves his clothes lying all around too. If he decides that his pants are too constricting while we watch a movie in the living room at night he simply takes them off and there they lie on the floor. Well, at least hubby does that, much to the dismay of his sons who don’t appreciate his tighty whiteys, as they call them! LOL! My son is not as quick to do so now that he is older and due to modesty considerations. LOL! Last night, though, hubby and I went to bed while the boys stayed up to watch of all things Return of the Jedi. I get up this morning to two lumpy forms in the living room. One is the youngest on the loveseat. The other is my second son, on the couch. Right beside the couch, of course, are his belt, his pants and his shirt. In typical fashion, as I always do every morning; I begin the kitchen family room clean up. I straighten pillows, fold blankets, throw away trash, put dishes in the sink, put shoes in the shoe box etc … Don’t all mothers do this?

They all get up eventually and find their breakfasts sitting on the kitchen table ready to be consumed. It’s better than a restaurant even-no waiting! I headed down the hall to put that last load of laundry in the dryer that didn’t get finished yesterday. I hear my second son coming down the hall calling to his older brother. I didn’t pay a lot of attention till I heard, “Look. It’s amazing! It’s my amazing clothes. They’re magic clothes.” His brother of course has no clue what he is talking about, but instantly I start smiling to myself. I know exactly where he is going. As is typical his brother wasn’t biting the bait, so I did. I yelled from the laundry room, “Something amazing about your clothes son?” I hear him chuckle. He loves the game that we play. He comes to stand in front of the laundry room doorway and says, “Yeah. My clothes magically folded themselves, even picking themselves up off the floor where I left them! It is amazing! I have magic clothes!” I reply, “Yeah. That is miraculous. One day they won’t do that and you are going to miss it!”

I smiled to myself. He is always talking of his magical retainer that finds its way into the retainer box every day after it gets tossed haphazardly onto the dresser. He often speaks of how his clothes magically appear in his drawer. I guess that’s what we mothers are. Magicians. I doubt that he ever misses his magic clothes. He will likely find a wife who can wield similar magic in similar fashion. I stood there thinking and realized that despite the occasional resentment and frustration at being the “pick up” lady for everyone else, it is going to be ME who misses the magic clothes more than anyone else. I won’t miss the clothes, but I will miss the boys that prompt the power behind the magic trick. I will miss them-the boys. It is my joy to be the magician behind his magical clothes!

Side note: As I was posting this blog my oldest sees it and runs down to the shower to inform his brother that: He told him that he shouldn’t have gone with the magical clothes comment; now he has made the blog. I hear from the shower my second son yelling, “I am the blog. Without me there would be no blog!” Oh my! They sure are something else!