Making Sense of Mommy Time

by admin

Making Sense of Mommy Time

Isn’t mommy time when you get time to yourself? I thought so. Like myself, not many other moms get a chance to get mommy time. First off, I’m a single parent and I’ve been a single parent since my son was born. I’ve never actually had “time to myself.” What does it consist of? Well, I think a lot of moms can say the same thing as well—“What exactly is mommy time and how do I get some of it?”

In order to have mommy time, a mother needs to have relatives, a partner, friends, or even a babysitter. But, you can also have mommy time while the kids are napping or away in school. My son has yet to start school so I’m constantly on my toes. My “mommy” time lately is washing clothes, washing dishes, weeding out a garden that hasn’t been tended too in a very long time, riding a bike (Yes, with my son; I’m still doing something I enjoy.), cooking food, and showering.

For the mothers who are married and have that wonderful husband, go you, lucky you! I’m sure he gives you a day to yourself, perhaps maybe just a few hours to yourself … but being that you have a much larger family I can safely assume you have a lot more tasks at hand. You can still find your “mommy time” though.

So here’s a short guide to getting some mommy time, even while you have the kids

1. Take advantage of the kids napping or being in school, and do something around the house

2. Get the chores done early, rise with the kids, and finish before they get home

3. Take a nap; they say fifteen minutes is all you need!

4. Enjoy the outdoors by doing some hiking, swimming, walking, riding a bike, exercising.

5. Cook five meals of dinner and put them in the freezer, or make a list of dinner you want throughout the week, and prepare it before they come home

6. Set chores for the family to ALL do. You aren’t the only person who cleans—you know that, right?

7. Have the man of the house cook a few days out of the week and take advantage of it by reading a book or submitting an article online, like this!

8. If you exercise, find a gym that has a daycare center on hand. They can still have fun and be close to you while you get your frustrations and energy out.

9. I’ve found that spending quality time with my son can still lead me to having “mommy time” … like riding bikes or going on a walk.

10. Take a shower or bath and relax, listen to some good music, and just enjoy being a woman.

A lot of you may already do these tips … and I’m not aiming “mommy time” to getting a manicure, pedicure, or getting your hair done. If you have time to do that, you obviously have too much time on your hands. Good luck to the women who find their inner peace.