Mama Needs a Night Out

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Mama Needs a Night Out

Mama needs a night out!

I keep sippy cups in the community fridge at work. My sleeve is the latest in tissue innovation. And, at last count (yes, I counted), there were 137 cereal chunks strewn about my backseat.

Yep, I’m a mama, a title I’ve proudly been touting for exactly two years next month. (Happy Birthday, Cooper!) And you know what I just figured out? In the ever-widening gap between the last time I had a mom’s night out and now, I could’ve fully baked another baby. Sadly, it’s been a whopping nine months (273 days to be exact) since my last night out with gal pals.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m head over heels in love with my blue-eyed boy. He’s completely rocked my world and I can’t remember any moment better than the one I’m sharing with him at any given time.

But, I must confess, I crave “ME-dom,” a nice chunk of down time, which doesn’t include using the restroom without an audience (an instance which, for the record, rarely occurs. Sigh.)

And yes, I feel guilt-ridden and selfish about my admission, but I’ve decided these feelings are just part of the mommy package, like bigger hips post-birth.

Apparently, I’m not alone in my longing. I recently heard about a nationwide happening that celebrates every mom’s need for a little break from the insanity ward. (National Mom’s Nite Out) The brainchild of Maria Bailey, internationally known mom expert and author of “The Ultimate Mom,” this grassroots initiative is spreading through Facebook and Twitter like a child’s allergic reaction to amoxicillin.

Held online and in person across the country on Thursday, May 7, I was beyond thrilled when I found a celebration happening in my own mamahood. North Texas Kids and MomsOutLoud are hosting a pizza-and-margarita movie-watching party at Studio Movie Grill in Addison (5405 Beltline). And, while the thought of mixing it up with other moms is enough to send me into sugar shock, the part that totally sold me was the charity connection.

During my little sister’s senior year in high school she became pregnant. She was terrified and uncertain, hiding her growing belly in ill-fitting shirts and baggy pants. It was six months before my parents and I found out. And we were devastated.

Each of us agonized over what was best for the baby, best for my sister, and, ultimately, the decision fell to adoption. Saying good-by to that baby as I left the hospital was one of the most gut-wrenching moments of my life. But I know we are all better for it.

It’s because of that life-changing experience that I’m drawn to Alley’s House, the nonprofit which North Texas Kids and MomsOutLoud.com have chosen to benefit. The local organization works to empower teen mothers through support services, education and mentoring and I, with a hopeful heart, will be donating jars of baby food and clothing in order to give another mama a break, while I happily enjoy one of my own.

And there’s nothing to feel guilty about in that.