Me and the Honeybees

by admin

Me and the Honeybees

I’m an “Auntie Mame” of sorts in my family. Everyone (including the boys) know that I’m the one for fun.
I’m great at devising very specific activities for groups of kids or one-on-one for free. One of my favorite things is playing with “The Honey Bees.” Now if you’re wondering who they are, they are actually my eight stair step sisters; my little goddaughters from the ages of four to twelve. I call them the Honeybees because I can only remember the first four of their names. They don’t seem to mind and the four littlest ones know I’ve got their “number.”

We play a game I like to call “Super Model Sandwich with Cheese.” It’s quite simple. Start by pulling every sequin, feather boa, or garment shot through with Lurex out of the closet. Find an appropriate space such as a long hallway (or the length of a basement or living room) to stand in as a catwalk, so they can “sashay.” Let the dress up begin. No dress up is complete without ample amounts of lip gloss. This is tantamount to a beauty makeover in their book, since their Mama “don’t ’low no makeup round here!”  

So now the game begins. The “cheese” stands front and center of the “catwalk” flanked on both sides by the “bread.” The iPod pumps techno while the “cheese” sashays down the center, poses at the end of the runway for her photo, about faces; then one of the slices of “bread” takes her place center of the runway and begins her sashay as the slice of “cheese” while another slice of “bread” joins her two sisters on the runway!

They will play this all night if I let them! We usually stop after all outfits have been photographed to watch a slideshow after they’ve been uploaded to my desktop. It’s always a lot of fun and memorable. We do it at least once a year and compare how much everyone has grown. Actually I love it as much as they do too!