Me? Pregnant?

by admin

Me? Pregnant?

Wait a minute …! That doesn’t say Not Pregnant … Pregnant? Did I pee on the stick right? Did I drown the poor thing? Oh my God … Me? Pregnant? Really?

That is what was going on in my head for a moment or two after I read the results displayed on the Clear Blue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test I took on the morning of January 9th, 2008. Immediately after these paralyzing thoughts left my head I ran into my bedroom where my sister was sleeping. (Lucky for me she was visiting during this because if I did not have someone there right then, then I may have fainted from all the excitement.) I shoved the test in her face (sorry Sissy) and started poking her—gently urging her to wake up. Well, I hope I was gentle … She opened her one eye, and I said to her “Sissy, what does that say?” She peered closer and then SPRANG out of bed yelling OH MY GOD over and over again. I have NEVER seen her get up that quick. I don’t think anyone has … She grabbed me and gave me the biggest hug and was crying/laughing/jumping and she ended up tossing me on the bed while yelling “Your gonna be a Mommy!” By the way—I am a good ninety pounds heavier and foot taller then her … Shocked the shit out of me … My Little Big Sister (older but smaller) is STRONG! She will never know what it meant to me that she was there when I found out … J

In any case, my husband was working at the time so I took a picture of the test with my camera and sent him a message with the picture. I made an appointment with my doctor for a blood pregnancy test that same day and surprise, surprise, it came back positive as well! I still couldn’t believe it! Me? Pregnant? Finally!!!??? Woohoo!!!

My husband was sooo excited when he finally deciphered the messages I sent him and then suddenly his phone was glued to his hand and ear telling everyone and their mother that the fours years of “work” he’s put in have finally paid off! It did make me smile and roll my eyes … I told my mother (this will be her first human grandchild! My dog is sort of considered a “grandchild”), and father who were both very supportive. I told my New York friends, and after some more of the so often heard nowadays “Oh My God” and congratulating, plans are already made for them to be here with me when I give birth. I love them!

My first ultrasound is on the 22nd. I will get to see my baby. I think at that point it will all feel a little more real. I will believe that I am pregnant. I am excited. My first child. Oh My God. Me? Pregnant?