The Meaning of Their Names

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The Meaning of Their Names

People have commented on the strangeness of my kids’ names, so I thought I might just explain what is in their names.

Chaska is from the Sioux tribe, red Indian, and it means “first born son.” When he was still in my tummy, I started looking for names and I wanted something unique, so I stumbled onto the name Chaska and loved it! It does grow on you!

Arwen is actually from the movie Lord of the Rings; the elfish princess is called Arwen. Its origin is Gaelic and means “most beautiful,” and she is. She looks like her mother …

Jadan—well, there is no mystical, wonderful way that I got to choose the name Jadan. I was watching Oprah and Will Smith was on with his son. His daughter is named after him, Willow and his son are named after his wife Jada, hence they called him Jadan. I liked it … and it does have a really cool meaning. It is Hebrew and means “God has heard.”