The Meat of Life

by admin

The Meat of Life

Today my husband took our oldest son to Chuck E. Cheese so I could have some time to write and catch up on a lot of things. Left with just our nine-month old, I set myself up for an afternoon of monumental success. Armed with a fresh pot of coffee, a fully charged laptop and a sleeping baby, I settled down in the living room and got to work. And in typical me fashion, I didn’t do anything for about three hour

Instead, I got lost in a library rental of “Sex and the City: The Movie.” A transplant to the Midwest from the east coast (I actually grew up in MN but haven’t lived here in almost eleven years), I’ve been very nostalgic for New York. Not that weekly trips to the diaper aisle at Wal-Mart and Aldi shopping trips don’t compare to Manhattan, but, you know. It’s still nice to reminisce.

Back to my day off. While I was supposed …