The Meeting with an Angel

by admin

The Meeting with an Angel

I want to tell those who are afraid of pregnancy something they should know. When God wants to send us more beauty of His Creations, then sends children into our family, when God wants to send joy and happiness around our souls, then He gives as those little miracles. We have the great mission to become a part of miracle of life. A new life in our world has came.

Nothing compares to first sight, first touch, first kiss. A child brings you more happy self-trust that you ever can get. It’s a great responsibility over your shoulders but you feel from the very beginning you can handle it with the best care and the best love. It is wonderful to see your kid growing next to you and sharing all his discoveries upon time passing.

My daughter is a wonderful, smart, and funny child. I helped in her way to discover good things, interesting things. Before her birth, I was missing my childhood; now, I’m not. A part of it came back to me.

My child and yours are the future and our duty is to help them make a better one.