Meeting Your Ex’s New Girlfriend

by SingleMommyHood

Meeting Your Ex’s New Girlfriend

A single mom recently asked us an intriguing question.


Should she insist on meeting her ex-husband’s new girlfriend?


This all started when her tween daughter broke the news: “Daddy has a new girlfriend. We went swimming. And she wears a bikini with pink stripes. Her tattoo is so cool! Next week we’re getting pedicures.”


While this single mom said she was unfazed that her daughter was, um, bonding with her ex’s new girlfriend, she did admit that she was feeling a bit miffed.


Why hadn’t her ex told that he was dating someone? Hadn’t they agreed that if things got serious with someone they were dating, they’d communicate?


So, this mom then sent an email—polite and to the point—to say that she’d like to meet her ex-husband’s new girlfriend. After all, their daughter is now spending time with her.


“That could be awkward,” he wrote back. “I’d like to keep everything drama free.”


Drama? Ha. She simply thinks that being a good co-parent means letting your ex-wife meet your girlfriend.


Do you agree?


We’re wondering: Maybe this isn’t just about responsible co-parenting?


Could “old feelings” play a part in this co-parenting quandary?


She doesn’t want to go behind his back, but she’s tempted to do some “research” on Facebook. Does that sound like a good idea?


Have any of you ever experienced this?


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