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Memories Are Important

Hello, my name is Deborah Craig and I have so many memories in my life that I’m always afraid that I will forget. One of them is the passing of my twin sister that died at the of thirty-seven. That was over fifteen years ago and today it still feels like yesterday.

I’m almost fifty-three now and sometimes I’m afraid that I will forget her. I lost my father to cancer in 2004 was also very hard I don’t think of as often as I do my twin sister. The memories of having children, and I had two of them, one cesarean section, one of them natural child birth, those memories are just priceless. People in our world take there lives for granted and we are here one minute and we can be gone the next. People should live life to the fullest and most important people should keep pictures and journals of their parents and there grandparents and enjoy there family as much as they can. If you can’t see your family call them because you want your children to have memories and a lot of us had bad memories but just remember when one door closes another door opens so write your memories down, scrapbook them and most of all cherish them forever.

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