Memories, Minimalism and Laptops

by admin

Memories, Minimalism and Laptops

I've moved house… a lot! But I'm not minimalist. No. I'm a packer and mover of many, many (many) boxes.

My parents started it (as all parents do), by moving a lot throughout my formative years. When I was seven (think Freud; show me the child of seven and I will show you the man – or woman in this case).

Anyway, I digress. By the time I was seven I was living in my fifth house (third town, second country). I think that starts a precedent?

Now, eternally 24 at heart, and on house thirty-five I am setting a precedent for my son. Aged three and a third, he is on his third house, third town, second country.

Somewhere along the way, in the midst of all those moves, I decided some things were no longer worth packing and moving from one cupboard to the next. Things like school projects, art work, childhood memorabilia mostly got left behind. I think that was in my late teenage years. When I was far to cool to need that kind of stuff!

Now I have a son of my own and I am fascinated by his development. I love watching his new work and seeing his steps through life marked with crayon and paint. I wish I hadn't been so hasty to bin mine.

I love his stuff so much I bought an enormous scrapbook. Every time something notable is created, it makes its début on the fridge… and then progresses to be saved for eternity in the scrapbook.

…Of course, Max won't be allowed to see said book until he is at least thirty-five and can be trusted to carefully pack and move it with him on his journey through life.

In an attempt at some form of minimalism, I also now keep a lot of things digitally. It began with my laptop. But when that died and I got a big data-recovery bill but not all my data, I realised laptops themselves were not the safe haven for all things treasured.

That was the time I started uploading photos to Facebook. Only my treasured photos. All in private albums, locked down for access only by close friends and family.

I'm talking about a time before pre-school. Before the daily creation of 'art'

Not all of it could be tagged with such a lofty title. Some of it is just scribble on paper. Those pieces don't make the scrapbook. Some of them don't even make the fridge.

But I've found a new home for the best ones. The favourites. The creations that stand out from the crowd. Hello Pinterest!

Last week I created Max his own board. Two of his best works grace it's wall. Plus a quote that fits him perfectly at the moment. It is work in progress, and I love it!

Perhaps when he's old enough for his own tech gadget (will it be a phone or a tablet by then?) he will proudly show his friends his board and say: 'I did that'.

Or maybe he will block me on all social media for being an embarrassing mum who posts things that are just not 'sick'!