Midwife or Doctor?

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Midwife or Doctor?

My first child was born in England with the help of a midwife. Babies are not delivered by doctors unless there are complications and they will call in an OB. The next two children were born with the help of a doctor, and the experience was so different.

My daughter is having a baby in September and here in Canada it is difficult to get a family doctor; there is a huge shortage. So she was so worried about who was going to look after her during her pregnancy. She was relieved to find out that midwives can deliver babies here. She rushed over to the office only to find that there was a waiting list. If she was to have her baby in August she would have been out of luck. She loves the midwives and the thought of a team of midwives who will watch her through the whole pregnancy, birth and after care.

My daughter saw a movie on television one night and told me she wanted me to watch it with her. I was a little reluctant because she spends most days watching Baby Story, Birth Story, Jon and Kate Plus 8 (yikes), but this movie was very good. If you get a chance, rent the movie The Business of Being Born. It will open your eyes about the need for midwives, the high mortality rate in the U.S.A., and how more people need to be educated about their choices. So many women do not know that they do not have to be induced, that most caesareans are done to save money and not for the good of mothers. I will not say anymore; rent the movie and let me know what you think. Rikki Lake, the talk show host, was responsible for having this movie made.

I enjoyed my midwife experience because I gave birth in England and my family was in Canada The midwife came to my home after I gave birth and gave me lots of advice on breast feeding, trying to find a balance in my life, trying to figure out how to look after baby, do the washing, cook meals, clean the house. I was pulling my hair out and she really was so helpful in calming me down and giving me motherly advice.

I read an article that said in five years’ time, if we do not get more midwives, that there will be waiting lists for women who want their services—the same thing with doctors. This year 2008 is a baby boom year and not enough midwives are being trained to fit the growing need. Midwives from other countries are coming over and only have to take a one-year course in order to practice here. I hope this means that more midwives will think of immigrating to Canada in the near future because of the demand

One fear women have is if they have a high risk pregnancy. If this is the case, midwives will refer you to an OB., or at any time during the pregnancy they will review your health situation and make a referral if necessary. Midwives have been delivering babies in Europe for centuries, and I am so glad that they are here in Canada.