Million Dollar Mom

by admin

Million Dollar Mom

Do you feel like a million bucks lately? Our children are special in so many ways and our lives become consumed by the demands of their needs from birth on.

There are different stages of course and each truly has it's challenges. It is now 2012, and our lives are very rushed and fast paced. Everyone seems in such a hurry especially on the road.

To feel like you stepped off the cover of a glamorous magazine is an understatement because as we all know, moms need to be fully charged and ready to go at any given moment. From an unexpected trip to the doctor to finding that much needed item for the next big project coming up at school. "Did I tell you it's due tomorrow?"

The day has mysteriously arrived and perhaps my teenager has a bit of amnesia. Does any of this sound familiar? Well, as a mother of two teens and one young seven-year-old, I am sure we can all relate to the hectic and busy schedules that one day can bring and the forgotten assignments thrown in.

The alarm clock rings, my feet hit the floor and I'm off and running straight to the coffee pot! As I go through the early morning routine getting lunches packed and breakfast prepared. Wait! What is that I hear?

In the mere distance the faint sound of my son's alarm clock still going off for let's say, the fifth time? Oh, "good morning son." As he stumbles out the door and makes a mad dash for the bus.

It is very important for us to keep balanced with proper diet, exercise and maintain good hydration. Mostly get a good nights sleep. Keeping rejuvenated is the key to feeling like a million dollar mom. When we feel good, life is extra good.

The kids like being around us, well let's hope they do.

I once read an article about the salaries of mothers and our worth which included providing duties as family therapist, spiritual adviser, sports coach, taxi cab driver, cook, housekeeper, gardener and the list was long! The grand total salary was $100,000 at least! Well, how about a million dollars? I love being a mom and wouldn't have it any other way. As a mom, I feel highly rewarded and that my friend is priceless!

Do you feel like a million dollar mom? Why not start now?