In the Mind of a Five-Year-Old

by admin

In the Mind of a Five-Year-Old

Well, I spend a lot of time with my three kids. Like, a lot! My husband, Rob, is a graphic artist. Note how I say artist and not a designer. He does real art and is amazing … okay, getting side tracked. So he works from home and has his office downstairs.

I’ve recently converted the big master bedroom upstairs into the kids’ room and Rob and I are now in the not-so-small room, also upstairs. The reason for this is to make my life easier and not theirs. Well, that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it. But seriously, I will let you know when we have been kicked out of that room and using a board on the bath to sleep on!

Chaska and Arwen shared the smaller room upstairs and it was fine, like Chaska would say. To him, everything is just fine. But we ended up spending most of our time downstairs and there were just toys all over the place, not because they have so many toys, but because the bedroom was too small … Okay, because they have so many toys!

Because we ended up distracting Rob most of the time or rather all the time, I decided to move all the toys and kids into the bigger room and I made it really cool, like really cool. This is where we spend most of our days, playing, drawing, dancing, and fighting and doing tiggerific kind of stuff.

Jadan has a little corner in the room, but his camper cot is in our bedroom. Some nights Chaska and Arwen actually sleep in their room and not in my bed … imagine that!

Chaska is five, turning six on the 25th of January. Arwen is one, turning two on the 1st of December, and Jadan is turning one on the 10th of December. Yes, so March and April are fertile months … and yes, we still have Christmas in between all these birthdays. And no, Jadan was not planned. Do you think I am that crazy?

Back to my title of this not particularly important note—my friend, Maryna, said I could use big grown up words, like particularly.

Well, meltdown is happening in the house … will have to get back to this note.

So where was I before the meltdown happened? For those of you who do not know what I mean by meltdown, it is when the emotions of a two-year-old get so much that all she can do is cry hysterically for absolutely no reason (more big words). Or when a one-year-old is so tired that all he can do is cry hysterically for absolutely no reason. Or when a five-year-old is getting so upset with the injustices of life because he has to once again share his toy that he was playing with the two-year-old … or all of the above and sometimes more!

Anyway … “in the mind of a five-year-old …”

So like I’ve said, I spend a fair amount of time with my kiddies. I love to watch them play and develop their own personalities. Lately it is like Chaska has realized the difference between make believe and real. Stuff like the one-hundred-acre woods is not in this world, the fact that Stitch is from outer space does not mean that your best friend can be an alien, and that it is impossible for Jerry to actually do all those unbelievable things to Tom and he still survives.

Then I think of how odd it must be making that connection. But then I watch him play and he still uses his imagination so much and the Transformers become part of the one-hundred-acre woods. How cool must that be?

I also wonder if he sometimes feels like running away from his brother and sister when they just cannot leave him or his stuff alone. Can I let you in on a little secret? Sometimes I feel like running away … maar seker nie te ver nie!

I love being part of growing up with them!