Mindset Coaching From My One-Year-Old Daughter

by admin

Mindset Coaching From My One-Year-Old Daughter

I’m in an online coaching program right now. Each week the journaling software provides me with an online guided journaling prompt. This week I was asked a very provocative question: “What do you see in the world that is awesome?”

My answer that I thought was worth sharing comes straight from my daughter, Elizabeth, who this week has provided me the very best mindset coaching the world has to offer.

“What do I see in the world that is awesome? My daughter. For that matter, any child. when I’m playing with my daughter, I’m not worried about anything or anxious about anything or feeling pulled anywhere. I’m totally present. She is such a gift for that reason.

But mostly, when I look at Elizabeth I see a person who is filled with 100 percent curiosity, and literally has zero judgment. Without judgment, her ego is virtually non-existent. She doesn’t compare herself to anyone; she doesn’t wish she had more toys; she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her because that thought doesn’t even enter her mind. She doesn’t beat herself up or think, “I should’ve done this or that.” She is 100 percent pure joy, love, and curiosity.

I often think about how we start our lives so innocent—we are curiosity embodied—and then as we grow older through life we get conditioned in ways that cause us to forget our innocence; our purity. The result is we transition from a state of curiosity to a state of judgment. When judgment is present, that’s when our thoughts start to spiral out of control with negativity. 

So, this week when I feel myself being overrun by thoughts of judgment, I’m going to think about Elizabeth, and wash away those thoughts of judgment with thoughts of curiosity. I’m going to love life the way Elizabeth does, and explore everything around me and recognize it for its potential fun. That’s what Elizabeth does, and by far, she’s the happiest person I know in my life (and I know a lot of people).