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I’ve done a lot of reading online in the past year about pregnancy and miscarriage. Since July of 2007, I have been dealt blow after blow. I had my first miscarriage on July 18, 2007. I was told things just didn’t come together right and that the next one should be fine. I had my second miscarriage on March 29, 2008. I found out I was pregnant on a Monday and lost the baby three days later. It was almost more than I could handle.

I lost my job while taking a few days off to see to myself. I spent my time playing with my then-three-year-old and thanking God that I had her to help me get through my days while my husband was at work. I’ve never been one who is able to tell the people around me what I’m feeling. I just deal with things within myself. I found out I was pregnant again in October of 2008. I lost that baby on Thanksgiving Day … let me tell you how full of thanksgiving I was. I switched doctors after that because I was unhappy with the way they were treating my losses. I went back to the doctor I had with my daughter almost five years ago. They did some blood work and found out that I am insulin resistant, which is a problem many women have but don’t know it. I am on medication for that now and it’s already done wonders for my health.

Six weeks later, I was beginning to wonder where my menses were. I usually started around four weeks after I stopped bleeding from my miscarriages. So I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I couldn’t believe it. We had slipped up one time and I guess it was just perfect timing. They can’t really tell me when I’m due or how far along I am. I’ve been doing hCG tests every three days to make sure everything is going okay. While my levels are low and aren’t growing as much as they would like, I am thrilled. My hCg hasn’t been this high ever. On December 30, they were 137, on January 2, they were 190, and on January 5, they were 318. I’m not sure what the outcome of this is going to be yet, but I go back to retest on Wednesday. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!