Miss D’s Believe It or Not

by admin

Miss D’s Believe It or Not

Miss D’s latest favorite question is, “Do you believe it?” I have high hopes that this will slowly edge out the pervasive, “But, why?” that has defined our days for months and months.

The great thing about Miss D’s incredulity is that she directs it at the most mundane things.

I gave her an apple with her lunch today.

“I ate it all up,” said Miss D. “Do you believe it?”

Why, yes, sweet girl, I believe it.

Miss D made a craft at storytime today. It consisted of glue, a paper bag, and some construction paper. When it was done, it sort of looked like a bear.

“I did it by myself,” said Miss D. “Do you believe it?”

“Absolutely,” I said. Anyone who sees that poor bear will know Miss D made it herself.

I’ve been laughing at this for a few days now, but last night I started thinking that every parenting experience I have, every story I might share on my blog, is similar to Miss D’s sense of wonder at things I find perfectly obvious. I am not learning anything that was not learned long ago by my mother, by her mother, by her mother, etc. I imagine there are plenty of more experienced mamas out there who have read some of these posts, or heard me exclaiming about some “new” discovery, and silently laughed at me.

Thank you all for not laughing out loud.

My “Do you believe it?” moment today happened at gymnastics class. Miss D had her first big-girl class today, one in which the mamas did not have to participate. I was, in fact, the only mama who even stayed to watch.

I led Miss D into the gym, then turned around to go sit in the waiting area. I waited for her to cry out for me. She did not.

During the next hour, I watched her prance around in her leotard, follow directions from the teacher (more or less), walk the balance beam, try her very best to jump on the trampoline with both feet up in the air at the same time. I thought about how we had done the Mommy & Me class in that very room. When was that? It couldn’t have been that long ago that I had to hold her hand to help her onto the trampoline, to slowly coax her onto the balance beam and catch her when she fell. Where is that baby, and who is this self-confident beauty who went to gymnastics all by herself today?

It is so uncool to cry at your kid’s gymnastics class. People think you are crazy if you do this. Do you believe it?