Mom Blogs Gone Wild

by admin

Mom Blogs Gone Wild

Oh, there’s a new sheriff in town, and it’s not a man. The Internet is now inundated with swarms of mommy bloggers. Ten years ago, there were about two bloggers and they certainly were not moms.

The new trend is a grassroots movement. No need to be Jennifer Aniston or Britney Spears to get viewers’ eyeballs to land on a Web site. Mom blogs are getting Web hits comparable to those of the other celebrity sites.

The mommy blogger gets online daily (or all day) and speaks her mind through blogging, Twittering, vlogging, or hosting an Internet radio talk show.

Yes, I’m one of those “mom” bloggers myself, but my Go-To Mom site is not just a blog. It’s a multimedia parenting site where parents can watch two-minute videos on child discipline. Publishing companies and parenting magazines sponsor my videos. Although my videos are research-based and of a serious nature, I do try to add a little humor and silliness. Even though I am a child therapist by trade, I am a goofball at heart. Just ask my kids. 

I wanted to compile a fun list of some of the mommy blogs that I have found to be quite entertaining and/or educational. Enjoy! Be sure to check out my site monthly; I have a new book and a cool mommy talk show.

Hottest Mom Blogs Include:

The Go-To Mom’s mission is to give parents invaluable information in a short period of time. A specialist in non-coercive, non-aggressive parenting, Kimberley is both an expert and a hands-on mom. “I teach moms and dads the basics of parenting through relationship,” she explains. “Most of us have been taught parenting through coercion, which is not only ineffective but is damaging to a child. I advise parents to review how they were parented, so that they don’t repeat the same mistakes. From my perspective, parenting through relationships is not a strategy but a philosophy.”