Mom: Excluded from the School DVD

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Mom: Excluded from the School DVD

We are new to the place; we knew no one to begin with. My only child (daughter) is about to begin a new phase in her life—going to pre-school. The government has this VPK program which we applied, looked for a day care that offers VPK … one that is near work and convenience. I should have trusted my instinct; there is something that makes me feel uneasy. But my hubby said its just me; I’m just having mixed feelings about our only child going to a regular daycare and the whole nine yards.

My daughter has been splattered with juice, apple sauce on her hair…nope…not by kids but by the teachers there. They did not even bothered to tell me nor they are even apologetic about it. My daughter has been physically hurt several times in that daycare, only once was being reported to in writing and the rest I have to find it out from my daughter who is so shy and so reserved. Her eyes were poked by a student there, she cried…but was it reported to me…again no…I found out from my daughter as her eyes were red at that time. How many times was she being pushed and got blisters from the playrgound set they have there…ah the blister was reported that’s the only one. The teachers and the admin only made action when I wrote on the notebook which was being sent to the parents every friday to made any comments and return it every Monday that my daughter has her eyes lasered surgery when she was baby that is why I am so careful about her eyes.

Then the teacher said my daughter couldn’t write without her face almost kissing the paper…had her eye checked up about an hour away from where we live as the one recommended by the director of that school doesn’t want to touch her and that doctor was the one who recommended us to another eye doctor. In short, she has astigmatism on both eyes and needs corrective glasses. After a couple of months, the teacher said she can write better without the glasses…mmm…what’s that now? We do not get benefits from the government…we pay for our medical bills. Even the daycare as she is in wrap around, the wrap around is not subsidized by the government…we pay for it.

Time has passed and in almost every activity I was there, helping them out as much as I can, donations, whatever they sell…I bought. My daughter never gave them a headache, in fact they were so all praised about her, hwo she’s doing good at school. Now, I’m not even sure if its just flattery so I will continue buying whatever they are selling. 

In the whole school year, I was there, dropping her off, pciking her up; making sure I will be there everytime they have activites. In short, i’m a mother who is always there to support my daughter. If I can’t make it, my husband does. They asked for fee for the graduation fee which covers the cap and gown, DVD, certificate and diploma. Then came the graduation, for the first time after five years I wore a dress and a stilleto on my daughter’s graduation day. My husband and I were so excited and happy about this event!

The day before the gardauation day, the director of teh school even teased me with the DVD and I told her i’m so excited to watch it. 

Graduation day came, to my disappointment my daughter who si so tiny was at the second row and the one in front of her were taller than her. They sung and had the ceremony. Picture taking is always there…souvenirs…memories. Then they said the DVD which is a collection of pictures of all the parents and children who graduated will be shown and after that each child will have their copy at the graduation party that hey have at the reception hall of the church. 

While the DVD was being played, I noticed pictures of the same kids were repeteadly shown, parents and kids shown repeatedly (though different activities) same faces…it becomes a bore really. I was expecting to see myself (of course, they got pictures of me and I paid for that DVD), to my dismay they showed my husband (not a good picture though – Crossing the street) one time only. My daughter has a few though some of it were either head is bowed down, her body was cut…was hidden from another child…you know what I’m talking about…yeah those kind of pictures…one that you won’t really consider memories. I was excluded from that video…there are only three minorities and how can you forget that number from the rest who are white. I did not eat at the graduation party as I was so disappointed and angered. Bue because my daughter wants to be with her classmate I allowed her and asked my husband to keep her company as I would not know if I can control myself if I see those people involve in doing the DVD.

I even posted in my facebook that “ am I not pretty enough that I was excluded from the DVD or am I not being liked?” The director said, oh i’m sorry I did not purposely (?) did that to exlcude you, would you like me to make you a new one? I replied, no thank you I already made my own DVD. How can she just say that? Make me a new one? If she is really remorseful she could have recalled all the DVD’s as it was just a a night old at that time but what she onyl said can i make you a new one? What is the logic about this? What does she think of me a pre-schooler? She’s not remorseful at all and her being careless, cold and callous about it , she doesn’ even care. I bet if i’m white she will do otherwise. But i’m an Asian whom she thinks she can just do what she wants to the point of ruining all the “supposedly memories of daughter’s pre-school years”.

If only I could take away my daughter from that daycare I would, but the government stated that VPK ends on May 25th. And if any absences incurred will greatly affect the VPK status. So its like I have no choice but to let her continue there until the last week of VPK. Then, of course, I go there to drop her of and pick her up…did the director even talked to me? Nope, she just completely ignores me as usual. Then, today, one of the teachers said my daughter has lice and she won’t accept my daughter until the lice has gone. I was shocked, my daughter doesn’t have any lice…are they inventing this issue just to prevent my daughter from going to school and finish her VPK? What is this personal vendetta to the point that they are using my daughter …if they don’t like me…the feeling is mutual. I tried to be civil and now I am not sure my daughter is safe in that daycare.

By the way, that DVD, I threw in the trash where it belongs. Sadly is that I worked hard to pay for that graduation package only to be emotionally hurt. Yes, until now it still hurts me and I have sleepless nights about it. But do they care…NO they do not care at all. I fact they keep adding insult to me. I am the victim here don’t they know that? I wonder what are they teaching the kids? To hate Asians or minorities? They should put in that school….for white people only…at least we would know.