Mom on the Go? Bring Podcasting Along with You

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Mom on the Go? Bring Podcasting Along with You

Sometimes just hearing another mom’s voice can help you feel connected even when you’re schlepping the kids to-and-fro school, camp, after-school activities, and sports leagues. For busy moms who never seem to leave their car, or for those who spend a lot of time at home and their local radio stations just aren’t cutting it, podcasts are worth a try. All you need is a computer and mp3 player and you are good to go! Not sure where to start? 

I was lucky enough to get the lowdown on podcasting from podcaster Sharon at New Urban Mom and podcaster Dori at More Hip than Hippie podcast:

Jessica Knows: How did you get involved with podcasting?
Sharon: I was introduced to it by Kelly McCausey. After listening to her podcast, reading her resources on podcasting, and discussing my questions personally with her, I made the decision that this was an amazing way to communicate and share the issues I felt were important to share with moms and the wider community.

Dori: I was a radio morning show DJ when some friends approached me about developing a podcast to help market their business. I didn’t know what a podcast was!  But I said yes, and we approached it like a radio show, with segments of information separated by music, plus lots of humor and bad taste!

Jessica Knows: What was your most memorable podcast?
An interview with national builder and new urbanism visionary, David Pace of New Broad Street Companies in Florida.

Dori: Probably the most memorable shows featured big-name guests like Ed Begley Jr., Danny Seo, Julia Butterfly Hill, and Bruce Littlefield. For our listeners, the most unforgettable moments just might be our attempts at singing our own parody songs, notably, the Christmas ditty “Grandpa Got Run over by a Hybrid”.

Jessica Knows: How does podcasting help moms connect with each other?
Sharon: It’s one thing to read someone’s thoughts and ideas in a blog, magazine article, etc., but it’s another thing to listen to them speak to you on a regular basis via podcast. I think podcasts enhance our communications; it makes it more human. We feel we understand the person sharing the messages when we can listen to them speak, laugh, and share their emotions through an audio broadcast like podcasting. Once the audience feels that connection to the mom podcaster they are more likely to interact with that podcaster by responding to questions and joining and participating in the communities that she recommends or invites listeners to join.

Dori: Podcasts are perfect for moms because they’re portable and you can listen on your own timetable. They’re also easy to share. You can listen alone, with a friend, or with your whole mommy group! We’ve built a community of listeners by reading their e-mails on the show and starting up a listener forum where they can communicate with each other.

Jessica Knows: What is your advice to moms that want to start their own podcast but don’t know where to start?
Sharon: Listen to podcast programs produced by fellow moms and get a feel for how it’s done by determining what makes a podcast enjoyable for you. You can visit momstalkradio.com for a wide variety of podcasts all produced by moms. I’d also suggest you read a little about the technical aspects of podcasting by getting one of the great, easy to digest resources on this topic that are produced by Kelly McCausey. You can find them at momstalknetwork.com.

Dori: Starting a podcast isn’t tough because there are a lot of tools available on the internet. You can find help from a web-savvy friend or another podcaster. A lot of churches and businesses are creating their own shows, so ask around your community. Find a place in your weekly schedule to make your podcast a priority!

Jessica Knows: Anything else you want to add?
Sharon: I love podcasting! It’s a wonderful complement to my blog and I’m meeting so many interesting and inspiring people through my weekly interviews. I’ve also entered a new realm of cool from my teens’ perspective. They get a kick out of seeing me with my headset doing my podcasts each week. They can’t believe that there’s this incredible “mom network” sharing information “we like” over the internet using podcasts. Podcasting has made this mom super cool. I tell the kids podcasting is my “Xbox fix”!

Dori: Just jump in!  Play to your strengths; if you’re a gifted storyteller or very knowledgeable about a subject, that’s a good start. Think about what kind of show you would like to listen to: energetic, easy-going, short, long? Make a product you enjoy and listeners will pick up on that! Reach out to your listeners, too. We do contests and solicit input all the time. I recommend breaking the show into smaller segments, creating a rhythm listeners get used to. Then get your name out there and stay with it!