The Mom Squad

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The Mom Squad

Once in a while it feels as if my life resembles a Mommy blog, complete with photographs and back stories among the seven “contributing” mothers at my office. In a family-friendly working environment like one I have never known before, there is a sense of camaraderie, a feeling that there is something universal and shared among our kiddie party woes and strep throat diagnoses.

It is the first time in my life that I am no longer the young parent learning from the seasoned professional. But since the group rears children from five years to thirty years old, a few women have to go first and “pay it forward” with practical details on tuition payments, breakfast tantrums and reading requirements for Kindergartners.

In contrast and comparison, it is at home on the phone and computer that I have tapped in to an unnamed Mom network in the Long Island neighborhood in which I live – a group that grew from a landline phone and email address for support with all the elementary and middle school days of our families’ lives. Obviously our early technology got replaced by cell phones, texts and social media posts – but no matter the media, whenever we’ve needed advice quickly and proficiently these mothers are faster than a speeding bake sale, more powerful than a conflicting school calendar and able to leap into action at a moment’s notice.

All my life, I remember times in which someone would suggest that women working with other women is a bad idea. But I think the Mom Squad dispels that awful stereotype and misleading representation – the chemistry of a team isn’t gender driven, it’s personality driven. And none of these lines would ever suggest a disparaging word about dads. After all, they are here with just as prominent parenting roles as moms — going toe-to-toe every moment of the day too.

But I have to admit when I call upon these ladies: the backbone leaders of the PTA, the sports teams’ cheerleaders, the fundraiser drivers and the scout troop sustainers, there is admitted pride in all that my sisters do to uphold each other and the people they love.