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Momcademy Awards: How Do You Reconnect?

Every year my best friend throws a whopper of a moms-only Academy Award party, and we get a little nutty. I drive three hours to get there on Sunday, and get up at the crack of dawn on Monday morning to drive three hours again and get back in time for work. It’s worth it. We wear prom dresses (generally bought at Ross on the “Final, final sale! Rack”), give prizes for best hair, makeup, shoes and dress, and generally eat, drink, and chat through the show honoring all the movies we haven’t had a chance to see, reveling in the fact that there are no little people pulling at our legs to distract us. My friend goes the whole distance with the party ... rolling out a real red carpet in her driveway and hiring local teenagers to come act as paparazzi.

Each year this is the most youthful twenty-four hours I spend, pretending I’m famous and glamorous and girlfriend-laden only. But it’s not all for me. My friend also collects at least $10 a mom (and generally about forty of us come) for some local mom who is struggling. This year the money will go to a mom who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and who has no health insurance.

All in all this yearly tradition makes me feel vibrant, reconnected with my girlfriends, and deeply good for utilizing a party gathering to help out a fellow mom-in-need. Of course, I’m also generally quite tired the Monday and Tuesday after the Oscars. But, hey, if there’s one thing we moms are used to, it’s fatigue. I can handle it.

I’m curious how other moms reconnect throughout the year, doesn’t have to be a big party. I’m interested to hear how!

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