The Moment I Became My Mom

by admin

The Moment I Became My Mom

I remember saying that I’d never be like my mom. I was going to be cool and fun and have real conversations with my kids. I was going to always be fair and impartial. I was going to explain why to my children. Then, I had children and I can remember the exact moment when I turned into my very own mother.

One summer afternoon my then four year old son began playing baseball in the den. Before I could grab the bat and rescue the breakables, I was surrounded by shards of glass from the broken sliding glass door. When I took the bat from him and began to reprimand him, I got a stubbornly rebellious frown and a litany of whiney little person excuses. And that is when it happened … I could feel myself gritting my teeth (to keep from screaming) and a well remembered phrase from my childhood popped into my head and out of my mouth. “I’m the Mom; that means God put me in charge. If you have a problem with that, get on your knees and pray.” And just like that, I was her. I was channeling my mother.

It’s funny, because the older I get, the smarter I realize she is.