Mommy March Madness

by admin

Mommy March Madness

It’s finally here. The week I have been waiting for. Week thirty-two. This is the week that is the beginning of the end. Now my pregnancy seems to flying by. This past weekend, I went shopping for all the things that I needed for my hospital bag including the outfits my twins would come home in, and I’m so excited. It seems like the more excited I am the more energy I have to do things. Ironically, now that I have the energy, my body is in a lot of discomfort. Now had this been a few weeks back I would have probably been crying but why cry, this journey is almost over. 

I think this is the best part of being pregnant. My baby shower is this weekend and I can’t wait to see all the things I get for the babies. After the baby shower comes the Mommy shower. For those of you not familiar with that, that’s when you go out and buy all the stuff you wanted but didn’t get. Who can resist shopping?! These next couple of weeks is going to be exhausting. Not for me though, because if my boyfriend thinks he doesn’t have to do any real manual labor he’s got another thing coming. Anything that requires assembly is going to be on his To-Do List. Cribs, play yards, bouncers, walkers, high chairs—oh he’s definitely got his hands full. Do I care that it’s NCAA March Madness?! HELL NO! This is payback. I’m going to be looking over his shoulder making sure he does it right and it just feels so good. 

But beyond all that, I’m anxious to just see the little faces and smell their hair. Something about the way a freshly bathed, lotioned baby smells. Or the way their breath smells like formula and breast milk after they are fed. Yeah, these are the moments. 

Now I spend all my spare time on the internet, shopping for the perfect stuff…so after this Saturday I’ll be ready credit card in hand to start my own Mommy March Madness. Seeing as that I reached week thirty-two, technically I have eight weeks … but here’s where the math gets interesting (and goes in my favor!). Normal gestation for a singleton is forty weeks. However with twins full term is thirty-seven weeks and then they take them if they haven’t delivered yet so that means even though my forty week due date is May 20, I won’t go past April 28, cutting my wait time from eight weeks to five weeks. I’m even more anxious. 

Most people find out their expecting and start planning right away but I found I work better when I am planning and purchasing last minute. It keeps me busy and makes the time pass even faster. These last few weeks are what pregnancy is all about. The glory stage. Forget Red Bull. Adrenaline gives me wings.