Mommy Meltdown

by admin

Mommy Meltdown

So maybe it wasn’t my finest moment. Maybe I blew a gasket. Maybe.

Actually, it wasn’t a fine moment. At. All. My temper flailed. I blew steam out of my ears. I spoke expletives … GASP … Oh yes, I have a slip of the tongue from time to time … in front of my children … and … No. I’m not proud of it. But, it happens.

I was hot to trot. I was madder than a hornet. I was so angry I could spit purple.

Boys. Ages eight and eleven. In all of their glory. They fight, they bicker, they argue, avoid duties, smart off, talk back, they nit pick at each other, tease, scoff, they grumble, they whine.

And this Mama had enough.


So off of my head the top blew …  and then the waterworks flooded my face. Right in front of them. They made their Mama cry. Oh yes.

And, the kitchen got cleaned, the trash can sanitized, toilet scrubbed, dishwasher loaded, the floors were mopped … the rugs were vacuumed … kisses and hugs given … “I’m sorry’s” were exchanged.

A mother’s love is certainly not fool proof. But, at the end of the day, my growing babies are tucked away in their beds … and their peaceful sleep makes me want to crawl up next to them and drink up their youth. As frustrating as they can be … as much as they make my toenails curl … I still love them so … so much it hurts.