Mommy to Mommy, I Love Mine

by admin

Mommy to Mommy, I Love Mine

Growing up, like any of you, I’d wonder what the heck my mom was thinking. Sometimes I’d even think she was a little “off the wall.” But now that I’m a mom, I am completely understanding and appreciative.

Even as an adult, I’d look at some of the things she and my dad were doing and call them mistakes. Only now that I have kids, and especially during the holidays, I realize that all the things they did, and the situations they got themselves into, were for us. I’d think ,“Now how the heck did they get into this jam?” Now I know.

Not only that but it’s now that I’m actually an adult that I crave my mom’s presence even more. It’s funny because you’d never think that as a kid. You’d never think that your mom might need some comfort from her own mom.

Sure, we definitely drive each other crazy, and we definitely have our arguments, but we can’t spend more than a week apart.

She happened to have scheduled a vacation overseas right on the week when I gave birth to my daughter (She’s scheduled it before I even knew I was pregnant.) I was completely at a loss. Prior to it I was like “Ah, no biggie … I’ve done this before.” Yes, I’d done it before—with my mom. But that’s a whole nother story for a future blog—haha.

I hope when my little girl grows up that we’re just as close, and she’s just as appreciative.