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Mommy Time: Huge Step to Having a Happy Home

I must say, I have been doing a good job keeping up with my exercise. I know that yes, I will be gaining since there is a little one who is growing inside me. But I have just felt so good doing it. Other areas might get bigger as the baby grows, but my husband is noticing other areas shrinking! I love that he is noticing right now, because it makes me feel better, but it also shows me that my hard work is really making a difference. I know that my weight has been one of my issues and I want it to stop being an issue. I want to be healthy for my kids and for my husband. I want to show my family that, for one, I care about me, and I want to be the healthiest and best that I can be for them! I want to show my husband that I care what I look like and that I want him to love what he sees! I want to feel good again! I want to feel healthy again! It has been a hard battle my entire life. I have to admit that I was addicted to food! It was my drug; it made me happy. I know and now admit that I was a total glutton! The Bible even warns against this! I loved food and it honestly has been a fight! But this is one area that I really had to turn over to God and say, “I can’t! I’ve tried and I can’t!” And it was in that time that God gave me a new outlook. Yes, it is still a struggle to fight that temptation and desire to every now and then, but I know that I am better than that, and I deserve to be happy and deserve to be healthy! My family deserves a healthy and happy mommy. I know there is much more to learn and much more to do, but I am a work in progress and I am trying! Fighting that urge may be hard but I will get there.

Now you ask, “How does this play into making-a-happy-home-through-your-role-as-wife theme?” well it has a lot to do with it! Your happiness plays a lot into your family’s happiness. If you are down and depressed about your weight, how you look, or how you feel, then it will play and show in your family! As you strive to make yourself happy and healthy it will also show in your family. They will find Mommy has more energy to play with them. It will give you more energy when you are with your husband, it will give you a happy outlook on life, and you will feel good. This all shows in your actions, your mood, and how you love. So take some time and make a few changes, even small changes will help! Replace that cookie for an apple. Instead of that soda drink a cup of water or green tea. Instead of a quick nap on the couch turn on the fit channel on your TV or computer and move a bit! There are small things that you can change that will make a big difference! Another thing, get in the word, say a prayer, get closer to your heavenly father and let him love on you! It will make a world of difference in your mood, attitude and your day! Changing little habits helps! Make even a bit of time for you, and your family will notice the difference! Be blessed, I know I am!

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