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Mommy, Where Does the Baby Come Out?

My son will be three years old June 16th of this year. He is almost completely potty trained and is fascinated by those functions. He is very interested in what turns into #1 and what turns into #2. I’m due February 19th with a little girl, yay! He has a habit of jumping onto my lap and hitting my stomach accidentally. I told him to be careful because the baby is big now and can get a boo-boo if he lands on her in my belly. He looked really deep in thought for a while, it was too cute. I asked him what was wrong. He said “Where is the baby?” I told him she was in my belly. He started laughing and said, “Ew!!!!!! Is she gonna be #1 or #2?” I almost rolled onto the floor laughing! I explained that she was in a different belly and I would go to the doctor and the doctor would take her out. He accepted the explanation and continued playing. It’s the funniest thing I had ever heard!

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