Mommy’s Summer Fitness Challenge

by admin

Mommy’s Summer Fitness Challenge

It’s summer. It’s hot. Sure, I could go to the pool to cool off … but I’d rather eat liver than put on a swimsuit. And I could put on some shorts … but they don’t fit. So in order to get my boo-tay back in shape, I’m enrolling in the Mommy Summer Fitness Challenge. And now it’s time to get honest.

Before I had kids, I weighed somewhere around the mid to upper 120s. I was between a size four and six. With my first daughter, I piled on forty pounds. She wasn’t happy unless she had a hot fudge sundae nightly! Following her birth, I slowly took off the weight; but I used the rationalization that I’d be getting pregnant again, so why work so hard if I’ll be gaining again? My weight prior to pregnancy with second daughter was around 130 to 132. I gained about thirty-five pounds during this pregnancy. Baby girl number two liked home cookin’.

Now we have two beautiful girls, and more than likely (I never say never) we are done. So my rationalizations for keeping on the weight are over. My excuses, though, are plentiful—I’m tired, I need to keep my weight to breastfeed, I’m a working mom, I’m tired, I have laundry to get done, I’m tired, I don’t have time to exercise, I’m tired.

These excuses are truthful … but the real truth is I am not feeling good about myself. It’s fun to laugh and acknowledge the fact that, sure, many days, as a mom, I am going to have that bad hair, bad clothes, disheveled look about me. But I don’t want to be a “Mom jeans,” bad posture, always tired, lacking energy mom. I want to get in shape and be a good example for my girls—and for me!

If you’re thinking at this point, this girl has gone mad to be talking about and revealing her weight on the Internet—well, you’re right. But I have a thought … While I was on maternity leave, I spent many days on the couch and watching Regis and Kelly while breastfeeding. The staff of Regis and Kelly did a weight loss program. Every week or so, they each came out and got on a scale on national television and shared their weights. I thought, man, those people are insane to get on a scale for the public … And then I thought, hmmm, that’s a pretty darn good motivator. These people had a deadline and public pressure … yeah, so that’s easy on the stress level!

So, starting tomorrow, I will be beginning Weigh In Wednesdays. It’s the beginning of my twelve-week summer fitness program to shape up my gooey-ness. Ultimately I’d like to shed about ten pounds. I’d like to get back into my wardrobe. I’d like to feel like I have some real energy back. I’d like to walk past a mirror and go “damn!” instead of “ugh!”

So with that, wish me luck—or at least a good night’s sleep!