Mom’s Christmas Wish

by admin

Mom’s Christmas Wish

Today I found myself walking down memory lane, gazing at our memorabilia-laden Christmas tree.

My son’s Spider-Man ornament was hung with care. I recalled the time when my then three-year-old son came to me with a small cut on his finger. Loving mother that I am (overindulgent), I covered it with a glow-in-the-dark Spider-Man Band-Aid.

“Fanks,” said my son, admiring his finger and in the sweetest voice, he said, “I luf you.”

“Awww,” I said, “I love you too, buddy!” I leaned in for a hug when my son looked up at me as if he’d forgotten I was standing there.

“I was tawking to da Band-Aid.”

Ah, memories.

My daughter’s preschool ornaments were also sprinkled about the tree. I remembered when she was only a few years old and I’d somberly sat her down to tell her how special she was to me, how she should value herself with a good strong self-esteem, and how I’d always be proud of Mommy’s little girl.

“Um, I’m Daddy’s girl,” she said.

Such sweet moments we’ve shared.

I have a feeling that God can relate. Especially during this season.

I asked my husband about his earliest Christmas memories and he said they’d bang out their Christmas church program as fast as possible in order to get home to open presents.

“Sometimes an overexuberant Bible teacher would have us kids read the Bible round-robin style before we could leave church,” he said. “We’d all hope for the shortest verse.”

Christmas miracles abound.

Breaking my reverie, my daughter came in to snuggle next to me and asked what I was hoping for this Christmas. I told her my wish was for my family to see God working in their lives.

She rolled her eyes and groaned. “Mooooooom.”

She shifted her body to stare me down face-to-face. “Seriously, you like God more than you like me, don’t you,” she accused.

“How could I resist honey,” I said. “Could you have given me you?”

She relaxed against me again and I scooped her whole frame onto my lap, holding her like a baby.

We both stared at the tree then for a long time, until it dawned on me! Here’s my chance! To make a perfect Christmas moment! With my little one, snuggled in my arms, her rapt attention on me without distraction!

I was just about to say what a loving memory this will be for both she and I when I was stopped short.

She was snoring.

A merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!