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Mom’s Day 2010: My Lesson Learned

It was three years ago exactly that I received the best Mother’s Day gift I could ever get: my daughter! She was tiny and perfect, and the fact that she was born on Mother’s Day was divine. Typically, my husband buys me flowers on this day, which are always lovely. I just have to say that on a day that is supposed to be special and about “the mom,” I would prefer something that I truly love. Every person that knows me even remotely, or has “friended” me on Facebook, or even knows someone who really knows me or knows someone who is my friend on Facebook, knows that I adore coffee and books!

Those are my true joys, other than my family. I without a doubt love, love, love my Sony Reader (which my husband bought me for no particular reason at all), and the day (once a month, per my agreement with my husband) that I get to buy books online for it is a day I look forward to with great anticipation. I am also a coffee junkie! I love all things coffee-related, and when I am fortunate enough to either receive a Starbucks gift card or load money onto my own gift card, I am tickled and giddy! 

So when a day such as Mother’s Day rolls around and I receive flowers, while I appreciate the gesture, all I want to do is say, “Really?” In my type-A mind, all I’m thinking is that it’s the typical last-minute, “I almost forgot” Mother’s Day gift. All meaning is lost, as is the sentiment, sadly. I would have been happier with a new coffee mug, a movie date with just him, an okay to buy an e-book, or even a grande Pike Place for $2.00 at Starbucks.

My wish for next Mother’s Day is no flowers, no last-minute, “typical” save-the-day gifts. And if no forethought is given, I would rather not get anything at all. We’ve been together six years; by now he knows what I do and don’t like. Take a minute and think ahead. I do it for him. Isn’t that what the day is about, anyway? Today, the best part is that the kids brought the flowers and card in to me. The realization came when I saw that my husband didn’t even sign the card ... at all. No one did. That’s either a typical male, or a show of exactly how much this mom means. The upside? Well, being a Sagittarius, I always find the upside. In this case, the upside is that he remembered!

The truth is, on days like this I dig into my mental Rolodex and remember the day, not so long ago, when he suprised me with my Sony Reader out of the clear blue I remember the new coffeemaker he bought me for my birthday—the one with the stainless steel carafe that keeps my coffee piping-hot all day long—or the new phone he bought me that has a separate texting keyboard because he “sees me texting all the time.” Hmm ... come to think of it, maybe a last-minute, almost-forgot gift was what I was due for. Okay, perhaps I’ve just learned a valuable lesson here. I’ll gladly take the unsigned card and all! I need to spend more time remembering the loving things my husband has done and I’ve received, and less time thinking (or overanalyzing) what I didn’t get or why I got what I did. I love my mental Rolodex. It sets me straight on many occasions. They were lovely flowers!

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