Moms’ Help 911 – Potty Training

by admin

Moms’ Help 911 – Potty Training

Potty training a toddler can be a mom’s most fun life challenge as she trains her children. Some little ones just seem to “get it” and with others it’s a battle. As I began to research for this subject, I’ve been astounded at the different ideas, tools, charts, and books available for moms today.

My oldest was so smart. She could recognize her alphabets as an eighteen-month-old (yes, I read continually and talked about those alphabets) and understood more of life that I did. Because she was so smart, I assumed she’d get the potty thing too. Not. My efforts at trying every thing were fruitless. This child was going to go when she was good and ready and that was when she was two and a half-plus.

Her sister, on the other hand, surprised me. I can remember the day, as an eighteen-month-old, when she came up to me, grabbed my skirt, and said, “Potty.” I didn’t believe her. Just wasn’t possible. This child insisted. It came to me, “HMMM … what if?” And, the what if, proved to be correct. She did—and even through the night from that point on. I smiled. Life was good.

Today, moms have access to lots of different tools like activity books and charts, stickers, potty training equipment, and books on potty training, stories to read your little about going potty.

Both Dora and Caillou have potty books. This one is almost my favorite and this one, The Diaper Free Baby, I find very interesting.

One thing I know is that moms are always looking for another mom’s tips of what worked and what didn’t when it comes to training toddlers to “go potty.” So, how about it, moms—pass on your advice. Let’s hear your potty training story. What worked and what didn’t work? Did you read a book that helped? Did you use a bribe that worked? Did you use charts or stickers? What was your favorite book?