Mom’s Memories: I cried when…

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Mom’s Memories:  I cried when…
  • I remember sharing heartbeats with my new baby while he slept on my chest.
  • I was the last Mom to pick up my son from daycare.
  • My toddler, unwatched but for a second, was captured by an ocean wave and nearly swept away.
  • After the drug-free birth of my 10lb 15oz baby, the doctor offered me a shot of morphine and I screamed unpleasant words at him, later regretting my words and wishing I hadn’t made such a quick decision.
  • My youngest, riding his bike for the first time without training wheels, stopped and plunged headfirst onto the road, imbedding gravel in and bloodying his upper lip, and screamed, “I did it!”
  • My Mother boarded the train to go home, leaving me on my own, three weeks after the birth of my second son.
  • While trimming my youngster’s hair, I nicked his ear and made him bleed and cry.
  • I left my youngest at daycare for the first time and he was so excited he didn’t say “good-bye.”
  • My toddler had a temper tantrum while my new baby screamed uncontrollably in the grocery store and I had no idea what to do so I cried, too.
  • My Dad helped my three year old son “shave,” smearing shaving cream all over his face.
  • My sons wept as they carried the body of their beloved dog to his grave, carefully placing his stuffed bunny on top of his lifeless body.
  • I found the chewed-off ear of the dog’s bunny under the sofa the year after he died.
  • I realized I had hurt my son’s feelings with my poorly-chosen words.
  • My son called, “just to say I love you.”
  • After dropping the boys at camp for the first time, I came home to a quiet house and empty bedrooms.
  • I arrived at our Kentucky retreat alone and the first thing I thought of was being there as a family.
  • En route to take my firstborn to college, “The Sounds of Silence,” played on the stereo.
  • The vet told me that my son had called him a dozen times from school to check on his very sick dog.
  • Calling from camp to say “Happy Birthday,” my son told me where he had hidden my wrapped present. It was a gold cross on a necklace that he had bought with his own money.
  • My sons arrived home safely after school on September 11, 2001.
  • I wrote this list.