Moms Need Each Other

by admin

Moms Need Each Other

I’m a whole lot better at mommyhood with others by my side.

Others like you.

So here’s what I’m thinking …

I mentioned before that I’ve been writing a book for moms. One of the things that inspired me to do this was the encouragement I saw among moms in the blogging world …

One mom would post about her child being sick, and she’d be flooded with words of hope and comfort. Another mom would post about the birth of her newest baby, and she’d be showered with congratulations.

I love when people come alongside each other like that.

We moms need it.

And I want to do something around here that will spread more of that encouragement.

Which is why I’m starting what I’ll call Mom Mondays.

At the beginning of every week, I’ll post something related to mommyhood, with the hope that it will entertain, inspire, or encourage you as a mom. It might be a personal story, a parenting article, a tip or idea, or it might be a guest post or feature about one of you. (In fact, if you have a mom-tale or mom-tip you’d like to share, email me, and let’s talk.)

I’d love it if you’d spread the word about this to others, too.

And let’s make this interactive. Comment and share your thoughts, a story, or your heart. And stop back by so you can chime in again and we can bounce things off each other.

If you’re not a mom (or if you’re a dad), you’re more than welcome to join in. You never know what comment or story, what thought or idea, will inspire who, whether you’re a parent or not.

So …

To kick things off this week, I thought I’d share something that happened to me not too long ago. Even though it starts off sounding like a story about cooking for kids, it’s not. It’s really a story about how the words of one person can make a difference in the life of a mom …

You might remember I posted about my picky eaters a while ago. Not long after that, I came up with a plan to try to help the situation.

Every week, my son and daughter are responsible for going through our recipe books, picking out one meal each that they think sounds good, then being the “head cook” for that meal during the week.

The plan has meant setting aside time to help them read through cookbooks.

And it’s meant longer trips to the store.

And a messier kitchen on the nights they cook.

But it’s also meant finding some dinners that they really like. And that they probably wouldn’t have tried so cheerfully if they weren’t the ones who’d picked them out and cooked them.

A little while after we started doing this, we all went to Starbucks one morning. We brought a couple of cookbooks with us because we were heading to the grocery store afterwards and needed to pick out what we were going to make that week.

My kids flipped through the pages, looking at the pictures, asking questions, and deciding.

And deciding.

And deciding.

Until finally, they made their choices.

“Good job,” I told them, “These are going to be tasty.” I marked the pages and groaned inside as I scanned the long list of ingredients. Because even though the new plan was helping to expand my kids’ tastes, it was turning out to be a lot of work.

And that’s when the woman at the table next to us stood up and came over.

She put her hand on my shoulder and leaned down. “You’re a good mom,” she said.

I smiled, confused. “Thanks.”

“Is this something you do all the time, with the cookbooks?”

I didn’t know she’d heard us. I explained to her what we’d started with the meals.

“I think that’s great,” she said. Then again, “You’re a good mom.”

I could barely respond.

Honestly, I felt like I might start crying.

Her compliment meant a lot to me.

Because it was affirmation that, sometimes, the more time-consuming choice or the more inconvenient choice for us as moms is the best choice for our kids.

And because, sometimes, when we’re wondering if all the effort we put into things is worth it, we need to be reminded that it is.

I was thankful for that woman’s kind words that morning and for the fact that she took the time to come over to me.

Because it made a difference.

It really did.

So how about you?

Has there been a time when the compliment or affirmation of another person made a difference for you?

Or was there a time you were able to encourage another mom?

I’d love to hear about it …