#momsbrain: Imaginary Trending Hashtags for Moms

by admin

#momsbrain: Imaginary Trending Hashtags for Moms


The hashtag symbol (#) has been used not just on your computer to reference a particular number or your telephone to prompt a response in voicemail, but has been, as described by Twitter, “as a way to categorize messages.”

Place the symbol next to a keyword or expression as part of the 140-character-line Tweet and others can easily search how many of us are writing about the same concern. The more tweets with the hashtagged words or phrase – the more the subject is being “trended” in a kind of digital top-ten list for the nanosecond.

But what if we married hashtags and parenting psychology and physiology? If we could search the recesses of our busy minds and categorize our stream of consciousness in Momhood? Examine the trending topics within our brains, without benefit of a keyboard. They may end up looking like this:

Trending for head-of-households

#paidmonthly – Mortgage. Check. Car payment. Check. Taxes, Check.

#whatsfordinner – Beef or chicken…Low cal or drive through…paper or plastic…

#familycalendar – Grandma’s dental appointment? What part spring concert is concert band? When’s graduation?

Easy trends to worry about

(No matter whatever else is going on around us, there always seems the opportunity to stop and consider something worrisome that creeps into the useful thoughts…)

#howdoI – explain that math problem, cook spaghetti sauce, sew a hem.

#healthcare –Mom, I’m hurting. SearchWebMD. Can I afford this?

#its10PM – do I know where my children are?

Personal growth trends

(If you remember to take care of the basics there will be opportunity to look ahead to the future, leaving moments to wonder…)

#personalinventorycheck – have my phone, have my keys, have my wallet.

#shoulda –exercised, made that phone call, sent that belated card, said sorry.

#I wish, #I can, #Iwill –time to make dreams happen

So what is the right and left hemisphere, without benefit of social media, to do? Some say the way to start organizing thoughts and activities and ease stress is to put on paper all the “to do’s for tomorrow”.

Once accounted for, therein lies a natural signal to the brain that it is okay to rest after a long day with work and the family. With or without my Twitter account open it can be the last thing to practice as the pillow and head meet.