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Monica, Second Pregnancy

Hey. How are ya’ll? I’m Monica, and I just found out today, February 14, 2008, that I am nine weeks pregnant with my second baby. I’m twenty-seven-years-old, married, and have a little girl who is six years old. I’m very excited because I have wanted to have another baby for a long time now. It’s finally happening. The only problem I have is my weight, and I’ve had this problem since after she was born. I started gaining while I was pregnant with her, and after she was born, I really gained a pile of weight. I have low self-esteem because of it. I weigh the most now than I’ve ever weighed in my whole life. Okay. And now I’m pregnant again. So, I’m kind of worried that I’m gonna really pig out this time around and gain a lot more weight. What can I do? Is there a way, maybe, for me to exercise while I’m pregnant and maybe get on a certain way of eating, and lose weight during my pregnancy? I wonder if I could lose weight while I’m pregnant. That would really be cool. What do ya’ll think?

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