Moonlit Eyes

by admin

Moonlit Eyes

A letter to my youngest child.

Someday you will maybe know … the many ways you’ve touched my soul. My heart was waiting for you to come. This family was finally complete the day you arrived. Since that day, you have the devoted love of all of us.

In the eyes of some you have been misunderstood, but never worry my sweet, sweet love … as long as I am yours and you are mine, you will have your mother’s love and live under my protective wing.

Those who have come close enough to see your heart have easily learned that you are nothing short of wonderful and giving. The rest, well … they don’t really matter at all, for all it really means is that they never took the time to look deep enough. And the loss is not yours.

You wear your heart on your sleeve, as do I. You do not hide your opinions or your feelings. I guess you get that from me and I can never fault you for it. You are blatantly honest, which makes you pure. At the age of nine, you haven’t learned the art of telling a lie.

I hope you never do.

Keep on being who you are, and stay far away from anyone who cannot appreciate the wonderful young man you have become. You need them not.

You are everything filled with sunshine. You are something special, child. You have the kiss of the ocean in your heart …

You have the light of the moon in your eyes.