Mother-Son Bond

by admin

Mother-Son Bond

I’ve always heard that mothers and sons have a special bond. As soon as we found out we were having a boy, I received emails and Facebook messages from all of my friends with sons saying things along the lines of “My little guy and I have so much fun together,” or “Little boys love their mommies!”

Fantastic! I’ve always enjoyed being adored.

But as I adore this little boy right back I’ve started to think about a few things. Yes, little boys love their mommies, but what about when they’re not little boys anymore?

The other night Ricky and I were discussing this and I pointed out that he did not call or visit his mother nearly enough. He said that he used to call her all the time until he met me. (Oh, sure. Blame me!)

I think he thought that would make me feel better but instead it just reinforced what I was already worried about. One day my little boy is going to leave the house and NOT call me or come visit me as much as I would like. He will meet someone else and I will be cast aside.

I expressed this to Ricky who said, “But don’t you want him to love someone as much as I love you?”



I have a newfound sympathy for my mother-in-law.