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Choice. The point of existence is that we choose to be here. Daily, we make an effort to remain alive. Mostly this effort goes unrecognized. We breathe without a second thought. The rest of our life is more complex in that we are faced with many decisions daily. Some are quite insignificant as in coffee or espresso. Some are complex as in taking a loan or saving another year for a new car.

When it comes to motherhood, most decisions are so quick that they are plain second nature. There are some decisions that are very important and require much thought and they start the moment one realizes she is with child. Deciding which prenatal vitamin to the style of prenatal care one will receive is mostly met with much deliberation.

The child is born a male, do we circumcise? What are the risks and what are the benefits? Another woman has a growing and charming little girl of three years old and everyone and their grandmother is asking why her ears are not pierced. Now you are second-guessing yourself. Should I have just gotten it over with when she was an infant? Another mother realizes she will be adding another child to her family. She has decided that her oldest child being five years old will not be present at the birth. This is met with much criticism from many in her circle who find older siblings at births nurturing and natural. What to do? Simple. Educate yourself and make a decision.

As women, we must not take our choices lightly. We must educate and inform ourselves at every crossroad. We must have security in our ability to make an informed decision. When others question our choice, we must stand firm in that the decision we have made was made without haste and with complete confidence.