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The Mothers’ Curse

I can remember the day so well, it was the day I found out I was going to be a grandmother. I was so happy; I had already cursed my daughter the day of her marriage. She was a very high maintenance child and on the day of her wedding I happily told her what my mother told me. “I hope you have lots of children and that they are just like you.” Then a couple of months later we get the happy news, a little one is on the way. Through out her perfect pregnancy, she would complain and whine about how tough it was. I would just role my eyes it couldn’t have been more perfect for her. Right down to his conveniently planned birth. As the months followed I would hear how tired she was and how she just needed a break. I laughed and would make up some excuse as to how busy I was and hang up. Like I said, high maintenance, that was my daughter; she wanted everything easy and I was not about to accommodate her. I raised my children, all four of them, now she can raise her one, I thought to myself.

As the months wore on I just smiled with every story she told and every mishap that came along. This was the mother that said she would not allow her baby to sleep in her bed; the new crib sheets are still on and not even used yet and it has been eleven months. The bruise on her cheek from the little angel that she said would never bite. My favorite day was when she called upset because he spit food in her face; she taught him to blow raspberries, it was so cute. The best part of parenting as any grandparent can say is the day the torch is passed and all the aggravation we had endured as now put on our children the new parents. To be able to have these precious little ones when we want them and then to send them home is the greatest joy, and I know as time progresses the best is yet to come. See my daughter doesn’t know it yet, but she is on her way to becoming a future stupid parent. And as I watch with abundant joy I can not stop thinking about the wonderful curse that has now become a family tradition.

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