The Mother’s Curse: It Works!

by Mommy2boyz

The Mother’s Curse: It Works!

When I was a child, mother had used the “mother’s curse” logic on me. She threatened that she cursed me with twins “just like me,” for I was not the best behaved child in the world. I only got far worse after eleven. I of course, being a child and twins not being very present in my family, laughed it off. What a mistake!


I am here to tell you all—the mother’s curse works! Be very careful what you “curse” your children with. This past Febuary, I discovered I was pregnant. My lovely mother kinda freaked (as I am only nineteen and she is “too young to be a grandmother”) but rather quickly warmed up to the idea. She soon informed me that she hoped I had a boy. She seems to think boys are easier. We (my love and I) wanted a girl in the worst way. Well, on Mother’s Day I was spotting and scared so we went to the hospital. They gave me a sonogram right then and there. I ask the gentleman performing the test that, if he could tell the sex of my baby, to please let us know.


He began looking around in there and after about five minutes of going back and forth on the lower part of my belly, he looked up at us and said the last thing I ever expected to hear: “Miss, I do not think you should be so worried about the baby’s sex as to the number of children!” Well let me tell you, I was dumbstruck and so was my love. Then this man informed us that “baby A” was definitely a boy and “baby B” probably was too. I simply couldn’t believe it! The last set of twins born into my side of the family were born over sixty years ago.


The next day we went and saw my mother. Boy did I have some words for her! Okay, I admit it, I cursed her out for a good few minuets with no “reason” she knew of. Finally I looked at her and said: “Mom, it worked. Your evil little mother’s curse, it worked! We are having twins!” You know, that crazy woman, she laughed at me! Then she asked me if I believed in the “mother’s curse” yet. Well yes, yes I do, my sons (as far as I’m concerned) are soon to be breathing (as they are already living) proof that the “mother’s curse” works! So be careful what you wish on your kids, you just might get it! Tell your children, warn them! The mother’s curse works! Behave for Mom or it could be you! Somehow in this pregnancy of mine, Mom has gotten everything she wanted. I swear it’s got to be this damned mother’s curse thing. There’s just no other way to explain it!