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A Mother’s Day Song

Feeling a little sad that it’s Mother’s Day and your kids are all grown? Here’s a little song for you ...

Teardrops on children and cat hair on couches
Teaching good posture to kids who are slouches
Sorting the laundry, putting socks in the drawers
These are a few of our perpetual chores

Cooking the dinners and washing the dishes
Lighting the candles and granting the wishes
Solving the sibling’s bickering wars
These are a few of our perpetual chores

Supporting the teens with their rotating passions
Closing our eyes at their unusual fashions
Hiding the mess as we shut bedroom doors
These are a few of our perpetual chores

When a kid screams
When a glass breaks
When I’m feeling stressed
I’ll simply remember my kids are all old
And no longer feel depressed.

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